Jun 13, 2011

Suesskramdealer, Friedenau

The setting of this wonderful chocolate haven is in an old tabacco shop which was originally opened over 100 years ago in 1906. The decor remains the same, its a wonderful feeling of olden times with a new twist. When you walk into Suesskramdealer your eyes dart all over the place at all the wonderful sweet treats, an amazing selection from all over the world. You can order a coffee and either pick a treat of your choice or choose one of their scrumptious cakes which are baked daily. The cakes are exquisite and really feel a bit upmarket in that their quality is superb and the prices are still really decent. You can either sit inside in the side room, or in the shop at the window or like most people sit out the front in the middle of this nice Friedenau kiez. The shop/cafe also sells a nice variety of gifts and everything is colourful and a treat for the eyes. The coffee is pretty decent, ok not the best in Berlin but it is made up for by the best cake around and also because of the nature of the cafe, its almost like walking into the sweet shop in Willy Wonka... no sign of any Oompa Loompa's but that aside you feel as full as an Oompa Loompa when you leave. People in Fridenau have really won their Golden Ticket!!! A really great cafe.

Varzinerstr 4, Friedenau S & U Bahn: Bundesplatz


Coffee: 7/10 Cake: 10/10


Tracey from Manchester said...

Yummy, have to check it out.

bfriendly said...

Oh WOW, this looks fantastic! Nice photo and good neighborhood tip!

Andy McCormack said...

@ bfriiendly. Thanks and yes it is super, so many nice sweeties in the shop, we are normally drooling while we order our coffee! Hope you enjoy it if you make it to it.

Yvonne Kirby said...

thees is so nice good looking and neighborhood :)
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kcupdrawer said...

I love this photo. I want to check for yummy that blog say. Thank you for your share..

George said...

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Amer Dibs said...

I would defiantly to go there its fantastic my mouth is watering for a chocolate cake !!

Michael said...

Hi everyone,

Just a tip off that I just went to an intriguing new place in Friedenau that maybe you guys would like to review.

It's called Wilde Kaffee or something like that, and its on Sudwestkorso at the corner with Rheingaustra├če.

The guy has a cool hand pumped machine, and the espresso was very good in my estimation. He said he's been open about 6 weeks.

Thanks for your blog. I'm from Melbourne where we're pretty snobby about our coffee, and I thought Berlin's coffee scene wasn't that great. I actually lived here for two years a few years ago, and the only serious place I knew was Bonanza, though I guess I didn't look that hard. Anyway, it's great to have a guide to the interesting spots.


Andy McCormack said...

Hey Michael

Thank you so much for the nice comments, it makes it all more worthwhile when I know people are getting pleasure from the blog and of course the cofffee. take care.


Angie said...

Hi there! Just found your awesome blog in anticipation of my first-ever trip to Berlin at the end of the month--can't wait!

I wonder if the cafes that you review have been mapped somewhere? I would love to be able to find great coffee places while I'm out and about in the city....my itinerary is kind of loose and I don't yet know my way around the city at all, so a map kind of navigation would be awesome. Just wondering...

In any event, thanks for the pointers to so many cool places!

Welsh girl said...

Love this blog,love Berlin been twice now,going back next Dec can't wait.

Joshua Thai said...

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