Mar 14, 2013

Five Elephants, Kreuzberg

Five Elephant Coffee Roastery, Cafe and Cake Shop in Kreuzberg is another wonderful cafe in the kiez area, sourcing their brew from farm to cup, ethically and fair trade, the coffee is sourced directly from the farmer. They roast their own coffee so every cup of joe is fresh and the smell of ground coffee here is mesmerizing, they have got it just right. The cafe itself is typical of the kind of cosy cafe you find in Kreuzberg but it is very cool and very cosy to hang out, ok there are one or two hipsters but hey its Kreuzberg and its a lovely place to unwind and take in the neighborhood.

One of the specialities of 5 Elephants is the scrumptious Philadelphia Cheesecake, a recipe left by the owners grandmother…. all I can say is that this is cheesecake heaven, quiet different to the type of cheesecake you normally get in Berlin. The owners and staff are passionate about what they do, great quality food, exceptional quality coffee and very friendly to each customer, you feel. Another nice aspect is that the cafe is in the lesser known area of Kreuzberg so you really have to look this place up if you are a searcher of great coffee, it really is worth the visit. What I also liked about Five Elephants that because it was in this kiez area it was mostly frequented by people who live in the neighborhood and you get a real feel of this in here and also that its is never overfull, very nice indeed. 

Honestly this place is worth a visit for the cheesecake alone and add in the coffee, well I just can't get enough of this place, wished I lived in this kiez area, lucky for the Berliners who do.

Reichenbergerstrasse 101
U-bahn: Goerlitzer Bahnfhof

Coffee: 10/10   Cake: 10/10

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Anouk said...

One of the best coffees I have ever had, yum.