Mar 14, 2013

Maxway Cafe, Schoneberg

It was a total fluke that I originally frequented Maxway Cafe as it was one of the only cafes that looked kind of decent in the Nollendorf area of Schoeneberg. As it was I had to be closeby my kids kindergarten for his first week or two so I settled into a routine of going to Maxway Cafe every day. I had thought it was a chain because of the logo design but found out it wasn't, not that I have a huge problem with chains but they tend not to make very good coffee, just milky coffee flavored drinks of the Starbucks variety. Anyway Maxway was a great surprise, the staff are very friendly, really happy to see you every morning and after a couple of days actually knew our order and we later noticed that the same people came in here every single morning and they pretty much knew all of their orders too, they have a steady flow of regulars and we felt like we were regulars in no time. 

The coffee was excellent, it might not be up there with the best baristas in Berlin but excellent nonetheless and coffee art always seems to put a smile on my face, I am a bit of a sucker for the added extras. That and the fact they served one of our coffees with a nice smalll just of steamed milk was also a nice touch. They served a nice selection of cakes, muffins and pastries and also some tasty sandwiches and salads all homemade and fresh. A nice touch also was the loyalty card, order 10 coffees and the next one is free, normally when I get these things I never seem to make it to the free one but in the case of Maxway we did and they made sure we actually got a large version of each drink, delightful. 

A very friendly cafe so don't let the Starbucks kind of logo deceive you, this cafe is miles better, a nice place to spend time alone or with friends and a great window seat to look out or sit there with your laptop and pretend you are working (surfing the web) as they also have free wi fi and great comfy couches down the back.  

Address: Maasenstrasse 13
U-bahn: Nollendorfstrasse 

Coffee: 8/10 Cake: 8/10


Henry Martin said...

Totally agree, I live in the Nollendorf area and I go here most days for a take away coffee and always lovely. Thanks for the review, I used to go to Impala but now much prefer Maxway, a bit cheaper too.

Sarah from ESSEX/BERLIN said...

Have to agree with the other comments I used to go to Impala too but now go to Maxway instead and its cheaper for sure. Love the website.